Items and FluidsEdit

Name Description
Basic Tube The backbone tube needed for every tube network.
Coloring Tube Applies color to items passing through.
Compressor Tube Helps reduce lag by combining items into stacks.
Ejection Tube Spits out items passing through.
Filter Tube Allows or denies certain items from entering.
Requesting Tube Remotely extracts items and fluid from other locations in the network.
Restriction Tube Adds 5000 tubes distance to the path.
Routing Tube Allows you to choose where items go.
Valve Tube Allows you to open and close sections of your network, as well as act as a one way valve.

Items onlyEdit

Name Description
Buffer Tube Keeps an inventory of 9 slots that auto eject to the output direction.
Extraction Tube Pulls 2 stacks per seconds of items from an inventory.
Injection Tube Acts as an inventory for other mods to output to.

Fluids onlyEdit

Name Description
Fluid Extraction Tube Pulls 2 buckets worth of fluid per second from a tank.
Tank Tube Acts as a tank for other mods to output to.