Requesting Tube
Supports Filters Specific Only
Colorable No
Rotatable Yes
Payloads All
Since 1.0.0
The Requesting Tube allows you to pull items and fluids from the network through it. Unlike the Extraction Tube, this does not need to be against an inventory to work and can pull multiple different types of items and fluids.


The Requesting Tube has 16 filter slots in a 2x8 layout.

NOTE: These filter slots only accept filters that are in the Specific category

See Filters for information on how to set filters.

The three buttons on the right hand side from top to bottom are Pull Mode, Pull Size, and Color

Pull Mode ButtonEdit

Pull Mode allows you to configure when items are pulled into the Requesting Tube. Left click cycles between 'Pull with redstone active', 'Pull constantly', and 'Pull once per redstone pulse'. Right click cycles through that in reverse and middle click resets back to 'Pull with redstone active'


Pull with redstone active

Items will only be pulled if a redstone signal of at least strength 1 is present.
Pull constantly Items will always be pulled regardless or redstone level.
Pull once per redstone pulse One lot of items will be pulled with every redstone pulse (defined as going from redstone level 0 to 1 or higher). If the items could not be pulled, the pulse is stored and will be pulled when able.

Pull Size ButtonEdit

Pull Size allows you to configure how much to pull at once. Left click cycles between 'Pull Maximum', 'Pull Exact', 'Pull at most', and 'Pull at least'. Right click cycles through that in reverse and middle click resets back to 'Pull Maximum'


Pull Maximum

As many items will be pulled at once as possible. For item stacks, this limit is the maximum stack size for that type (64 for most items), for fluid this is 1 bucket (1000 millibuckets).
Pull Exact Exactly the specified amount of items is pulled. No more, no less.
Pull at Most As many items will be pulled at once as possible up to the number specified in the filter. No more that specified will be pulled.
Pull at Least As many items will be pulled at once as possible but not less than the number specified in the filter.

Color ButtonEdit

Color is to used to paint items as they pass through the tube. Left / right clicking will cycle through all 16 colors as well as no color. Middle click resets the color back to no color.

Item PullingEdit

Items are pulled from the nearest source that contains what is being requested. They are pulled through the pump end (the animated end) and exit out the other side. Items will not be pulled from places that would make it impossible for the item to arrive (eg. through color changes, Routing Tubes, Filter Tubes, etc.).

It is important to note that requested items may not arrive at the Requesting Tube that requested them. The shortest valid path is still observed even in this case and so If another Requesting Tube is asking for the same item and is closer, it will receive the item.

Only one of the filters will be pulled at a time and they will be cycled through as each one is requested.



Requesting Tube Recipe

You will require: