Filter Tube
Supports Filters All
Colorable No
Rotatable No
Payloads All
Since 1.0.0
The Filter Tube allows you to allow or deny payloads from entering the tube. It is useful for setting up sorting systems allowing you to block entire sections off to certain payloads. It can also be placed against an inventory allowing you to choose what payloads can go in that inventory.


The filter tube provides 16 filter slots in a 2x8 configuration which support all types of filters.

See Filters for more information on how to set filters.

To the right of the filter slots are 3 buttons. These buttons, from the top, are the Mode, Size Mode, and Color.

Mode ButtonEdit

Mode controls whether the tube is allowing or denying the items specified in the filters. Left and right click cycle between 'Allow' and 'Deny'.


Allow Payloads must match at least one filter to be able to enter the tube.
Deny Payloads must not match any filter to be able to enter the tube.

Size Mode ButtonEdit

Size Mode controls how items are compared based on their size. Left click cycles between 'Any Size', 'Exact Size', 'Larger Size', and 'Smaller Size'. Right click cycles through them in reverse and middle click reverts back to 'Any Size'.


Any Size

Payload size is ignored in this mode.
Exact Size Payload size must match the filter in this mode.
Larger Size Payload size must be larger than the filter in this mode.
Smaller Size Payload size must be smaller than the filter in this mode.

Filter Tube Gui

Color ButtonEdit

Color is to used to paint items as they pass through the tube. Left / right clicking will cycle through all 16 colors as well as no color. Middle click resets the color back to no color.



Filter Tube Recipe

You will require: