Compressor Tube
Supports Filters Specific Only
Colorable No
Rotatable No
Payloads All
Since 1.0.0
The Compressor Tube is used to combine Items or Fluids  into larger stacks reducing the number of items passing through the tube. This is useful for reducing both client and server lag in the event of large numbers of items passing through. A good place for one of these is after a quarry for compressing cobble into stacks.


By default, the Compressor Tube will attempt to compress any items passing through it into a stack of 64.

You can change both what it compresses and to what amount using the filter slot on the right. By default the filter is an Any filter with a size of 64 and resetting the filter, either by middle click or by reducing the number to 0, will go back to that.

Only Specific category filters are allowed in the filter slot with the exception of the default Any filter.

See Filters for more information on setting filters.


Items that do not match the filter will not be compressed, but will be allowed passage through the tube as long as the internal buffer is empty. If the buffer is not empty, only the type of item currently in the buffer will be able to enter.

When a matching item enters, if its size is greater or equal to the target size, it will pass through unhindered. If the item is at its maximum stack size and that size is less than the target size, for example a stack of snowballs with the default filter, it will be allowed through unhindered. If the item's size is less than the target size then it will be pulled into the internal buffer. Once the buffer matches the target size, it will be put back into the tube to resume its previous course.

It is recommended to add a Restriction Tube bypass line if using a Compressor Tube on the output of some kind of mining operation to ensure uninterrupted operation.



Compressor Tube Recipe

You will require: